Prenatal Massage for Pregnant Laboring and Postpartum Women

For Pregnant, Laboring & Postpartum Women


Prenatal Massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be.

While providing emotional support and a nurturing touch, it allows relaxation by relieving stress on joints, easing neck and back pain, and promoting good posture.

In addition, pediatric massage can help to provide flexibility to birthing muscles.

Massage can also aid the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which can keep blood flowing to both mother and baby, and reduce fatigue.

It stimulates different glands in the body, which help to stabilize hormone levels, and relieve nervous tension throughout the body.

Clients can comfortably lie in a side-laying position, or face down in a safe prenatal pillow system which is placed upon the massage table.

* This is for prenatal, not laboring women.